To the point materialize means come into being, becoming reality, …

Management consultancy and sponsored consultancy by the Wifi Vienna.

In many companies – particularly in start-ups – there is often a lack of structured and significant information on the company’s precise mission and offerings. Therefore the purpose of corporate communications (especially advertising) is to inform potential customers about products or services, their quality, value for money and sources of supply: What exactly do you offer? In what quality? At what price? Where and how can your customer buy it? How can you best address your customer’s emotions?

The choice of appropriate means of communication and media is one of the most important decisions – because a lot of money is at stake. A comprehensive overview of all the available options and the knowledge of the criteria for a targeted selection require professional skills.

Beate Hemmerlein has been an active consultant at the Wifi Vienna since 2005 and was a guest lecturer at the FHWien – University of Applied Sciences for Marketing and Sales. She has put thorough emphasis on the demands and challenges of EPUs and SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and ensures customized concepts, strategies and their practical implementations.

  • Do you have a company and want to put your communication content, advertising and visual appearance to the test or have them revised and/or redesigned?
  • Are you the founder of a start-up or new to the market and would like professional support and guidance with your business?
  • Are you planning any marketing or advertising activities and want to play it safe?
  • Do you have a business idea but are unsure how to implement it successfully in the current market?

Contact us any time. Should you have a Viennese Trading License just ask Wifi Vienna about the consulting options and request a sponsored “Kurzberatung”. (Note: Please request Beate Hemmerlein, Creativity Materialized GmbH as your consultant.)